In this article we will look at these objectives and we will understand how we can achieve the goals with our own campaigns and also how it can help in exchanging the networks.

Branding campaign
This is the simpler case; here you just need to choose a network, upload the Flash banner which shows your logo, put the code and then just forget it. The network for your brand design campaign provides you the reach and good exchange ratio also it imposes the strict standards which participate in provisions of banner placements. If you are quite apprehensive to change the ads from different time to time than make the new interactive Flash Banner design as much recognizable as you can. Follow a certain standard for composing the banners like, color schemes, fonts, logo sizes, composition etc.

Campaign to create extra traffic
First you need to decide whether you really need the extra traffic or not. If you need it, than you just need some clicks. Do not try to have a particular target group that will not help you to get more traffic. Rather find out the ones who click and your ad looks appealing. The perfect exchange in this campaign is one which offers the maximum tolerance and if the exchange provides lots of banners and focus on each of them at the separate site, than the exchange is quite ideal for all the purposes.

Campaign to attract the audiences
This one is quite different, if you have to attract the particular audiences, just make sure that the exchange which is available, gives you the tools to obtain the goals. More than one ad is needed to attract the audience as the target audience is always different. It is important to keep all the goals in your mind while choosing the ads. So your objective is to catch most of the audience as possible. Set the specific profile for each ad, also launch the sub campaign for the entire ad. You can compare your results with your single generic ad. Also give attention to the format you use for the ad. The more interactive your ad would be, the more benefits you will achieve from it. You should keep a track on your campaign. You need to keep on evaluating the profiles and ads while keeping the goal and objective in your mind.